Finding Freedom from Debt
How to negotiate with Credit Card Companies by Brian Lacher
Actual Examples of Negotiating with Credit Card Companies
Here are the actual results when I negotiated with the credit card companies.
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$80,000 Debt Settled for $15,823

The Debt Forgiveness Book by Brian Lacher

Debt Forgiveness Book by Brian Lacher

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This book is an alternative to bankruptcy. The author explains ways of negotiating with credit card companies. It also shows actual results the author was able to negotiate with the credit card companies. One example is $16,608.00 debt, settled for $2,000.00. This is a must have book before talking to any creditor.

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The cost of this book is less than ONE visit to a bankruptcy lawyer.

Ever wonder how to get through a financial crisis? Have you lost your income, but the bills keep coming? Are you deep in credit card debit or have creditors calling?

I have been there. It is a scary time. I had over $150,000 in unsecured credit card debt when I lost 75% of my income. As a family of nine, I wondered how I would be able to keep food on the table, a roof over our head and clothes on our back. A lot of questions were going through my mind. It was a credit card nightmare.

This book gives hope! It explains “How To” negotiate with creditors, especially credit card companies. One credit card, I had a balance of $18,187.00 , I settled for $3,700. Another credit card, I had a balance of $16,608.79, I settled for $2,000. Yes, these are actual accounts that have been documented in this book, along with the ways to negotiate with creditors. These are only 2 of many credit cards I had.

This book is brand new with over 95 pages. The cost is less than a visit to the lawyers. If I would have had this book available when I was considering bankruptcy, the principles in this book would have saved me thousands of dollars and a lot of stress. The sale price is only $19.95. It will be shipped by media mail, with a tracking number. Ask about shipping for quantity of books. This is a Christian based book and it gives hope in the midst of a crisis. If you know somebody struggling financially, let them know about this book.

Please note: 50% of the profits from the sale of this book will go to ministries that include, but not limited to, Samaritan’s Purse International and US Relief, World Missionary Press, Studio TEN Ministries, Focus on the Family, Compassion International and more. Thank you.


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