Finding Freedom from Debt
How to negotiate with Credit Card Companies by Brian Lacher
Actual Examples of Negotiating with Credit Card Companies
Here are the actual results when I negotiated with the credit card companies.
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$80,000 Debt Settled for $15,823
Debt Forgiveness Book by Brian Lacher

Debt Forgiveness

This book is an alternative to bankruptcy. The author explains ways of negotiating with credit card companies. It also shows actual results the author was able to negotiate with the credit card companies.

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This book also explains the difference between valid & invalid settlement offers. Don't be fooled by a fake settlement offer which can cost you thousands of dollars, like it did me.

From debt to freedom. Listen to Brian's Story on the French Press Podcast.

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Introducing How I Avoided Bankruptcy

This video was made with the first edition, How I Avoided Bankruptcy. The second edition, The Debt Forgiveness Book, has everything from the first edition along with updated information.

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